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  MADIS Satellite Sounding Quality Control

MADIS Satellite Sounding Quality Control

This page provides a detailed description of the quality control (QC) processing and data structures for the satellite sounding dataset. For a general overview of MADIS quality control, click here.

Automated Quality Control

Level 1 QC checks are considered the least sophisticated, level 2 the most sophisticated checks. The following table lists the satellite sounding variables* that are QC'ed, and click here for the checks that are used. Note that the observed water vapor mixing ratio is converted to dewpoint, then the checks are applied to dewpoint.

  MADIS Satellite Sounding Variables with QC
  Code       Name                                    Max     Level | Level 1:       Level 2:
                                                   Possible        |          
                                                   QC Level        | Validity   Internal Consistency
  Sounding Products                                               

  T         temperature                              1                  X
  TV        virtual temperature                      1                  X                  
  WVMR      water vapor mixing ratio                 2                  X               X
  TD        dewpoint temperature                     2                  X               X  
  RH        relative humidity                        2                  X               X  
  Q         specific humidity                        2                  X               X  
  DPD       dewpoint depression                      2                  X               X  
  AH        absolute humidity                        2                  X               X  
  Internal Consistency Checks
    3   air temperature vs. dewpoint temperature

Last updated 16 March 2017