MADIS NOAA Profiler Network Dataset



Wind profilers are Doppler radars used to measure vertical profiles of atmospheric winds directly above the profiler site. Typical operation of a wind profiler results in a vertical stack of winds every hour from near the earth's surface to above the tropopause.

The MADIS profiler dataset consists of hourly winds from the NOAA Profiler Network, a quasi-operational network of wind profilers located in the Central United States and Alaska.

Geographic Coverage

The NOAA Profiler Network is primarily in the central United States, with 3 additional stations in Alaska. Click here for a map of the site locations.

Data Schedule

The data for the entire profiler network arrive once an hour, and the data valid at the top of the hour is available at minute 23.


Typical daily volume for all MADIS datasets can be seen here.

Variable Details

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Last updated 04 October 2005.
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