MADIS Datasets

MADIS currently supports these datasets. (Click on the link for each dataset to get details.)

Some of the datasets are restricted to certain users. Click here for details.

The datasets in the MADIS database are stored in netCDF files. While users can write their own programs to read the files, to access the observations they are encouraged to use the MADIS Applications Program Interface (API) or its related utility programs, which allow easy access to the data and hide most of the details required to write a data ingest program to access variables from the netCDF files. For surface observaions, XML and different text formats can also be returned by the MADIS Text/XML Viewer web service. For the RSAS grids, the MADIS RSASDUMP program can be used to output the grids in plain text.

While many of the datasets are global, observations with the highest spatial and temporal density exit in North America. Click here to see a map of the MADIS data available in this domain at 0000 UTC on 12 September 2005. For more specific information on geographic coverage, refer to the pages for the individual datasets.

Typical daily volume for all MADIS datasets can be seen here.

*The Meteorological Surface dataset also includes GPS Precipitable Water Vapor.

Last updated 15 September 2010.
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